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I have listed a new property at Lakeview, Oshawa.
**Legal 2-Unit**Turnkey Investment Property Recently Renovated. Live/Rent! Rear Lot Backs Onto Park. Lg Bdrms In Both Units. Vacant Upper Unit Forced Air Gas Furnace W. A/C And Fully Renovated In 2018. Tenant In Lower Unit. Full Reno 2016. Led Lights Thru-Out; Potlights. Newly Reno'd Laundry Area. 2 Washers, 2 Dryers, 2 Hydro Meters, 2 Gas Meters, 3 Sheds, 4 Parking Spots.
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9 Things You Need To Know About Real Estate Investing


We work a LOT with investors both Canadians living overseas and others who are out of province or living just south of our borders. Are you thinking of investing for the first time? Or are you wondering about adding to your existing portfolio? Helping you to navigate through the buying process to make sound and profitable decisions is our favourite part of real estate. Here are 9 things you may want to keep in mind when purchasing an investment property:


1) When buying an investment, it’s always about math – avoid letting emotions lead the way. Flashy hand-scraped hardwood floors and stone countertops are great…before you buy think about: How will much these features add to the monthly rent? Who is your ideal tenant and will they care?  Is this property in a location that demands these types of finishes to get top rents?

Real estate investing really comes down to numbers. You will also need to consider other numbers beyond the asking price: How much are the condo fees? How much are the taxes? What kind of maintenance should you expect? Are you going to manage the property yourself? (i.e. collect rents, negotiate leases, emergency calls) or hire a property manager? What are the area rents? An agent experienced in investments will be able to guide you to the profitable ones and encourage you to run from the ones that look great but don’t give the best returns.

2) You’ll likely need a minimum 20% down payment. If the property you’re buying isn’t going to be your primary residence (i.e. defined as the one you live in at least six months/year), then the bank requires you to have a larger downpayment. In most cases, that’s 20% (more if it’s a commercial property).

Using 20% down, your rent should cover the following: mortgage payment (at 80% financed), taxes and condo fees. If you need 30% down for positive cash this is not the right property; keep searching. The numbers have to work, remember?

3) Most lenders will consider 80% of the rental income when calculating what you can afford. The banks decide how much mortgage they want to give you by looking at your income, debts and credit score. If you buy an income property, they will add 80% of the projected rental income to your income, so will qualify for a bigger mortgage. Some lenders will not consider rental from illegal apartments (i.e. apartments that don’t meet Ontario Building and Fire Codes) and may request to see the actual lease or ask for an appraiser to confirm the amount of rental income.

4) If you have a downpayment of more than 20%, chances are high you will qualify for a 30-year amortization on your mortgage. This would definitely keep your mortgage payments low.  Remember, you can write off the interest on your mortgage against your rental income at tax time. Example: If you have a $350,000 mortgage at 3% interest rate amortized over 25 years, your mortgage payment would be $1,159 per month. Increase the amortization to 30 years, and your payment decreases to $1,030 per month. That an extra $129 in cash flow each month!

5) A healthy investment property provides you with 4 ways to make money:

  • Monthly cash flow – During the time you have a mortgage, your monthly cash flow from the property (cash flow = rent minus expenses) is likely to be minimal. It’s not uncommon in Toronto, to see properties with $50 or $100 cash flow positive per month. There are investors out there making less rent than their expenses (i.e. cash flow negative). Negative cash flow investors are betting on the benefits of appreciation, equity build-up and/or improvements.
  • Equity Build-up - Each month, a portion of your mortgage debt is being paid by your tenant while you build up equity in the property. That $350,000 mortgage at 3% interest will have shrunk to $217,000 by the 5th year, to $186,000 by the 10th year, $149,000 by the 15th year, and so on. The difference between what the property is worth and what you owe is called Equity.
  • Appreciation – Appreciation is the amount the property increases in value during the time you own it. The real estate market in (specifically Toronto) during the last few years has been on fire, showing 4-5% annual appreciation for condos and 10%+ annual appreciation for houses. Avoid being naive to think that will always be the case. During the overall time you own the property, there will be years of zero growth and others years where prices take a dip. Prepare yourself for this as it is a natural part of the real estate cycle. Property investment must be viewed through a long-term lens. Big picture thinking needed here.
  • Improvements – Based on the type of property you purchase (condo vs. detached/semi/freehold town) and how long you intend to keep it, there can opportunity(ies) to renovate and further increase the overall value. Many multi-family investors renovate and improve immediately (for example, they may turn a 3-unit property into four or five units, or make upgrades to existing finishes to invite higher rents). Other investors make the decision to renovate before selling (very common in the condo market). Just be careful: a $60,000 condo renovation may not pay back $60,000, so talk to your REALTOR about which improvements to make before renovating pre-sale.

6) – Often the best cash flow properties are the ones that are appreciating slower than average.  When choosing an investment property, you will need to give some serious thought to your overall goals. For example, in Toronto, some condos sell for less per square foot than the average, yet will rent for nearly the same amount of money – so basically you can pay $375,000 for a condo or $425,000 for a condo and get virtually the same rent. There are many reasons why the $350K condo may cost less (location, finishes, quality of the building, supply/demand in the building, etc.) and these factors may impact the resale value of the condo. You will need to decide what’s more important to you: monthly cash flow now or long-term value?

7) The short-term rental market window is closing in Toronto. While renting out properties for a few days or weeks at a time was a cash cow for years, the short-term rental market’s days are numbered in Toronto, at least for serious investors. There are still a few specific buildings left in downtown Toronto that allow short-term rentals less than 30 days. There is a coveted list of current buildings that allow it.  Ask you REALTOR for more details.


8) Consider three kinds of taxes when buying an investment property:

  • Land Transfer Taxes – There are two types of land transfer taxes: Ontario and Toronto (if you buy in the city of Toronto). Land transfer taxes are paid by the Buyer when they take possession of a property and are a percentage of the sales price.
  • Income Tax on the rental income – Rental income is considered taxable.  The net profit you make will be added to your income and taxed. You can write off a many expenses to decrease your profit (i.e. mortgage interest, condo fees, property management fees, utilities, etc.).
  • Capital Gains taxes – Selling your investment property, will subject you to capital gains taxes. Capital gains taxes are 50% of profit, which means 50% of the profit you make (after selling expenses) is added to your income and taxed at your regular income tax rate.

For Example:

  • Purchase price : $450,000
  • Sold price: $550,000
  • Costs to sell: $25,000
  • Gain in value = $550,000-$450,000- $25,000  = $75,000

Under current the capital gains rules, an investor would pay taxes on 50% of the $75,000 profit. Check with your Tax Advisor or Accountant for more details.

**If you purchase a duplex (a house with two apartments) and live in one of the units, be careful. If you live in less than 50% of the house, you’ll pay capital gains tax on the whole house and lose your primary residence tax exemption. This is one of the most often-missed points, one that could cost you many thousands of dollars.  If you rent out more than one-half your house (i.e. declare the income, and write off the expenses), when it is time to sell, the CRA considers it as an investment property and you will have to pay capital gains tax on the increase in value since you bought. Again, speak with your accountant/tax specialist.

Got questions? We have answers, so don’t be afraid to get in touch!

info@torontolisted.ca / 416-710-7752


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This is the first of a series of interviews with real estate industry experts. Here you will find answers to your most pressing questions about the real estate market and tap into a diverse pool of new leaders in the industry to get your questions answered.  In this episode we will discuss the 'ins and outs' of pre-construction condominiums and what you need to know as a personal home buyer and as an investor.


Many individuals, families and couples will enter the real estate market this year for the first time; as investors. 

Some will purchase existing inventory and use the traditional buy, rent, hold strategy.  Still others will take a slightly different route and purchase their investment property as ‘pre-build’ also commonly known as ‘pre-construction’. 


Essentially, they are making the purchase by way of a floorplan with the anticipation of seeing a healthy Return on Investment by the time the construction is completed.  Some will keep the property after completion. Others will take a different route and cash out before taking ownership then move on to the next venture.


So how do you know the best approach to take as a first-time buyer or an investor new to the pre-construction purchase strategy?  Great question.


I have engaged the fine legal mind of Alex Koch, Partner with Segal, Koch LLP to answer key questions you need to understand the legal implications before signing a contract to purchase your pre-construction condominium.


If you are thinking about purchasing a condominium because of downsizing, buying your first home or, buying an investment Register today to get on our VIP/Platinum list for upcoming condominium projects. 


Remember, not every contract is the same…Watch, listen and learn from this in-depth interview designed to help make your pre-construction condo purchasing easy.  


Click on the link below to enjoy!



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  • Having a hard time getting a handle on your ratios to meet the major bank’s requirements again?
  • Need a way to tune into more than $20K for renovation?
  • Can't see any reasonable funding options available to buy your next property?


As major lending institutions continue to change the rules and tighten requirements for financing approval, investors are seeking alternate options. They are turning towards Mortgage Brokers and finding many more options available to finance their growing portfolios. Experienced investors are aware there is 'no deal' without a solid financing strategy in place.


So what do you do if you have tapped out your maximum number of properties with the bank? Many major banks hold their clients to a maximum of four properties and that includes their primary residence. Clearly this does not bode well for creating a healthy real estate investment portfolio.  


Certainly there are joint venture options, but not everyone wants to 'get into bed' (so to speak) with someone they may not know well for 5 or more years and hope it works out--and yes, every investment should have at least 3 exit strategies. Investors want to wrap their hands around solid options to expand their holdings and there are some excellent opportunities available.


Recently, I sat down with Amina Mohamed, Mortgage Broker - The Mortgage Processing Centre, who focuses on investor financing needs. We spent some quality time laying the cards on the table and tuning into financing options and special products customized for real estate investor community. 


Once your financing is secured contact me to help you start the search for your next investment property right away!


Click HERE check to it out!

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I have listed a new property at 607 76 Shuter ST in Toronto.
Chic Boutique Building In The Heart Of Downtown Toronto. Steps To Subway, South Facing, Extra Large Balcony, Efficient Wide-Design Layout, Flooded With South Sunlight. Large Master, Spa Bathroom, Ensuite Laundry, Open Concept Kitchen. Parking And Locker Included. Minutes To Shopping, Ttc, Gardiner, Financial/Theatre District, Yonge Dundas Sq.
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Over the years there has been much discussion about what makes the best sense from a real estate investment perspective.  Is it Pre-Construction or Resale as the best option? Well, the truth is... it depends.


Many people want to invest in real estate and while some have the time money and energy to take on the adventures of being a landlord of  an existing property, others shy away from this scenario or simply don't have the time to take on those responsibilities with tenants.  There is one other option that provides the ROI of a real estate investment while taking away the front line efforts required to manage an existing property.


Buying pre-construction property specifically condominiums makes sense for a number of reasons.  

New condominium properties are covered under Tarion Warranty so your pockets are covered if there are any structural issues.  


"For most condominiums, warranty coverage also includes the shared areas of the building, referred to as the common elements. If eligible, the maximum coverage for common elements is the lesser of $50,000 times the number of units or $2.5 million." - See more at: http://www.tarion.com/Warranty-Protection/Pages/Condominium%20Common%20Elements%20Coverage.aspx#sthash.PyC5BRrd.dpuf


And let's face it, in an urban setting renters are more attracted to good locations and brand new units and will pay premium rents to be the first tenants; in many cases, the size of the unit matters less because of location. As well, provided you do you due diligence on tenant screening a brand new property will also attract a better quality tenant who will treat your unit like its their own home. 


So, why buy pre-construction?


Well, most importantly, you will save money if you buy before the project breaks ground.  You will also have many more choices with respect to the particular unit (i.e. size, floor, layout, location, parking, lockers) that is available.  Usually after the special one day sales, it is slim pickings with respect to which direction the property faces, floor plans and what level the unit is on, etc.


In order for an investor to experience the most  important benefits of Buying Pre-construction Condos the strategy here is to buy the units before it’s open to the public.  Prior to opening day of a new condo sales office to the general public, prices may have gone up by $10,000 to $25,000.  How can you get in and take advantage of these great savings you ask?  Great question!


By registering here today, you will have an opportunity to invest in a unit at the lowest price possible before it’s open to the public.  The 330 Richmond St. W. project is the latest opportunity to take advantage of these pricing incentives and other bonuses.  We offer Pre-views by appointment only on February 17th and 18th before the day of the sale so you get Guaranteed First Access to the inventory and best pick at unit levels, floor plans, lowest prices guaranteed and Platinum Access Incentives & Promotions. 


For more information, please register today





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I have listed a new property at 116 Myrtle AVE in Hamilton.
Attention Investors And Renovators - This House Offers Huge Opportunity And Potential. Fully Rented At The Moment. Around The Corner From The Newly Renovated Landmark Stinson School. 2.5 Storey Brick Home In Desirable St. Clair. Minutes From Transit, Schools . Lots Of Natural Light Throughout.
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Please visit our Open House at 40 Cross ST in Toronto.
Open House on Sunday, September 6, 2015 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Must See - This Very Charming 2-Storey Detached Tudor Style 3 Bedroom Home Situated In A Lovely Pocket Of Weston. Gourmet Kitchen With Granite Countertops, Undermount Sink, California Shutters, Beautiful Cared For Original Hardwood Floors, Finished Basement Perfect For Office Space Or Additional Family Recreation, Ductless Ac Unit, Deck Off Kitchen. Detached Garage. Located On A Quiet Tree-Lined Street. Minute To Weston-Go, Shops Schools And Future Lrt.
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I have listed a new property at 40 Cross ST in Toronto.
Must See! This Very Charming 2-Storey Detached Tudor Style 2 Bedroom Home Situated In A Lovely Pocket Of Weston. Gourmet Kitchen With Granite Countertops, Undermount Sink, California Shutters, Beautiful Cared For Original Hardwood Floors, Finished Basement Perfect For Office Space Or Additional Family Recreation, Ductless Ac Unit, Deck Off Kitchen. Detached Garage. Located On A Quiet Tree-Lined Street. Minute To Weston-Go, Shops Schools And Future Lrt.
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Are you thinking about investing in real estate?  Triplex? Duplex? StudentHousing? Multiplex?


Looking for properties with positive cash flow $400-$500/mth?


Have questions??


Well look no further!  Join us on an intimate property tour of properties with a variety to suit every need.  Talk to experts who will be on hand.  Get your questions answered.


Seating is limited.  Register now!  http://goo.gl/5xAZD8


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Yes, you heard right.... our global chocolate supply is at risk.  It is deeply concerning that a natural resource such as the cocoa plant is in jeopardy.  I remain hopeful the science community will find some viable and ecological solutions to save and support the cocoa industry and more importantly, pay the cocoa farmers a considerably more equitable share of those huge industry profits. 

Although I am probably part of a very small minority who is not a huge fan of chocolate, I do get a craving every now and then for a few squares of delicious semi-sweet dark chocolate.  I know many others who simply cannot go more than a day or two without their fix of chocolate similar to their gastronomic cousins the coffee drinkers.  In some cases these two loves have often been combined to create euphoric beverage bliss in one cup. 

There are some wonderful neighbourhoods in West Toronto which house some unique and quaint coffee houses and chocolatiers establishments seem to be popping up everywhere the last couple of years.  Great for Saturday morning easy lounging to catch up with a dear friend of family member or for a quick stop to pick up something yummy to enjoy at home or thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one. 
Yvette Barnes, MNLP, MTLT, MCHt
Salesperson - Savvy Investor Agent Certified (SIAC)
Direct: 416-710-7752 I Office: 416-391-3232 I Fax: 416-391-0013

"Creating your wealth one property at a time."
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Over the last ten years the luxury market has had to re-brand itself to keep up with the demands of their growing demographic.  Today there are many people who are earning over $500,000 in annual salary and they are much younger than they used to be; quite a number of this new group are in their 30's and are entrepreneurs and business owners. The luxury market is expanding into more customize niche markets for their discerning client base. 


From the "new money" celebrities and corporate executives who flex their new-found disposable incomes in new business ventures like specialty food and beverage industries (e.g. Wines, Vodkas, Sports Drinks, etc.) to the fashion and beauty market (i.e. online celebrity athletic wear, shoes, beauty products) to name a few. More established wealthy patrons and savvy investors tend to stick to tried and tested markets like gold, silver, mineral and of course real estate. 


As our fine city of Toronto continues to grow, change and expand the younger up-and-comers are finding the older more established affluent neighbourhoods no longer meet their needs or more importantly their lifestyle.  It's simply too far away from what they enjoy doing in their off hours.   No theatres, clubs, rare book stores, choices of fine dining restaurants or  the general feel of our city's vibrancy can be found in the suburbs and outerlying areas. 
A new wave has set in and is growing in popularity. 


There are many newly established luxury neighbourhoods in Etobicoke and even more developing areas where "new money" is being infused by upward moving professionals and real estate investors alike creating a new vitality to old neighbourhoods by way of fix and flip as well as tear-down and rebuild in order to get the look and feel they want in the neighbourhoods they desire to love and want to live in with their growing families. These folks are making their real estate dollars work very hard for them when decide on their preferred location no expense is spared to create the kind of living environment they desire.  Their vision often includes: 2-level garage parking, entire rooms designated as clothing salons with customized cabinetry and motorized racks, heated floors, just to name a few. 


Search all real estate for sale in Toronto.
Find out how much homes are selling for in Etobicoke.


Yvette Barnes, MNLP, MTLT, MCHt
Salesperson - Savvy Investor Agent Certified (SIAC)
Direct: 416-710-7752 I Office: 416-391-3232 I Fax: 416-391-0013

"Creating possibility one property at a time."

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